Lights on Market Street Launch

Storylines by Paul Notzold. Photo by Amy Ress.

Title: Lights on Market Street Launch
Kick off at 1119 Market Street at 5:00 p.m.
Reception at 1009 Market Street
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Description: The San Francisco Arts Commission kicks off The ARTery Project, an exciting series of events, with the debut of three site-specific light installations by artists Jim CampbellTheodore Watson and Paul Notzold and art openings at the luggage store, Central City Hospitality House Community Arts Program, and Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.

The evening’s festivities will also include live music provided by People in Plazas and a community procession to each light installation led by members of the Bayanihan Community Center and Kularts carrying traditional Filipino parol lanterns. Members of the public are encouraged to join the fun and come adorned in their own lights or to bring traditional light objects representing the many festivals of light that take place throughout the holiday season.

Additional Festivities:

  • SF Art Market at UN Plaza: Eric Staller’s “LIGHTMOBILE,” Dave Shuttleworth’s “The Fish,” and Isa “Glitter Girl” Isaacs, Founder, Temple of Poi
  • 1021 Market Street: Robert James’s “Ménage à Trois – Eggs” and Jonathan Foote’s “Ripple Matrix
  • Traditional Filipino parol lanterns provided to Central Market merchants by Filipino American Development Foundation and Kularts

A reception at Central City Hospitality House Community Arts Program (1009 Market Street) is graciously sponsored by Ma’velous with live music by Topcat.

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3 Responses to Lights on Market Street Launch

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  2. Scott Barney says:

    It would be helpful if you included cross streets with the addresses. I don’t know where “1119 Market” or “1220 Market” are. I was assuming that this occured at the 6th St intersection (that is what I call Central Market) and not the Union Square/City Hall Market/Upper Tenderloin.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, we generally noted cross streets on our flyers, but will try to be more consistent. The ARTery Project is between UN Plaza and 6th Street.