Public Art Proposal Display

Art Proposals for the Moscone Paseo Public Art Project

Moscone Paseo Image.jpgThe San Francisco Arts Commission is working in conjunction with the Moscone Expansion Project to commission a signature public artwork for the Paseo, a pedestrian walkway  connecting 3rd Street with the Yerba Buena Children’s Garden. The newly commissioned artwork will be a large-scale mural on the Paseo’s southwest wall. Three artists were chosen as finalists by a Public Art Selection Panel to create site-specific proposals for the Moscone Paseo opportunity: Brian Barneclo, Brendan Monroe, and Kelly Ording.




by Brian Barneclo

Barneclo Board.jpgIt is a great privilege to submit this proposal for the Moscone Expansion Paseo Art Project. The following statements outline my vision and strategy to create a world class mural for San Francisco’s Moscone Expansion.

As a 20-year resident of San Francisco, I have seen the city bubble and burst and expand and contract - constantly changing. In fact, the story of San Francisco is one of transformation. The cliché certainly rings true: the only constant is change. For this reason, I’d choose to depict the city and inhabitants of San Francisco in a state of transformation. My vision is of the entangled energy of man shaping the land just as the land shapes the man.  The result will be a mural that is bold and energetic, mingling “street” sensibilities and “high art” concepts.

Another key component to my vision for this project is Place. In my design, I plan to incorporate the ideas of territory, transience, identity, and boundaries (man-made and natural). I will draw from the cultures, customs, codes and characters of San Francisco to give this mural a diverse personality and strong sense of place.

San Francisco’s make up of distinct neighborhoods make it truly unique, and I hope to highlight this strength in diversity. One step beyond the Golden Gate Bridge and the Transamerica Pyramid are the iron gates and matchbook houses of the avenues and the corner stores that are essential to San Francisco’s neighborhoods. As The City changes, so does its identity. I plan to explore, in my own visual language, the core principles that make San Francisco what it is – principles of acceptance, innovation and joie de vivre.

At play in my work is the idea of Gestalt, or figure/ground relationships. In a graphic way, this can encourage a viewer to consider seeing “the other”, or even show us how we see things so strongly one way or another. I feel this exercises the muscle of compassion and understanding.

The artwork will be painted directly onto the stucco wall, fully filling the space that is dedicated for the project. It will comply with all paint systems recommended by the SFAC and will be clear coated with the SFAC’s recommended graffiti protection. The installation of the artwork will take no longer than three weeks to complete once all designs, approvals and access have been granted. It is my pride to have an impeccable record of coming in on time and on budget. I will direct a team of no more than five to implement the mural.

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by Brendan Monroe

Monroe Board.jpgRoll is an artwork inspired by the movement of water and air in nature. The mural depicts an abstract mass filling and spilling over the wall and into the Moscone Paseo. To the West the dotted line work resembles a layer of fog coming in over the San Francisco coastal mountains. As it piles in and builds up to the East, the drawing intensifies, is rolled up and becomes heavy, just as if thick blanket is being pushed in toward the edge of the city.

The use of black, white and gray is a graphic representation and a man-made translation of soft, smooth ebb and flow of cloud banks. This takes cues from the grids inherent in the flat building wall and surrounding architecture and bends the picture plane in an optical play of surfaces and perspective. The mural evokes a human analytical look at the nature that has existed in the region with and without the City of San Francisco for millennia. The rolling volume of abstracted shape joins the viewer in the foreground and hints a subtle reminder that nature cannot be contained by the edges of the wall.

As the lead artist I will be working hands on through all parts of this project. The process of painting the mural involves making onsite decisions and drawing directly onto the wall. I would plan to have one to two assistants helping at different times over the course of painting the mural.

The project will be executed and painted on-site over the period of five weeks in the Spring/Summer of 2018. This will allow some time that could potentially be missed due to weather or construction interference.

The 17x150 foot wall will be a prepared stucco surface and Keim mineral paints will be applied as a medium for the artwork. After the completion of the artwork an anti-graffiti topcoat will be applied. Maintenace of the mural will involve washing off the topcoat with hot water and reapplying if any damage is done.

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by Kelly Ording

Ording Board.jpgLocated in one of the most iconic cultural centers of San Francisco, the Moscone Center is surrounded by museums, performance spaces, tech companies and a thriving residential neighborhood.  This City has a rich history of creativity and innovation.  In its embrace of wild originality, San Francisco not only welcomes new ideas, it generates them.  In this spirit, I am pleased to present a purely imaginative, vibrant mural for the Moscone Paseo. 

My work encompasses a broad palette and wide range of media: from muted to vibrant colors and tones, from pen and ink drawings to paintings, murals, and public installations. Each piece employs intuition and intention to push the limits of minimalism and representation. Notions of reciprocity, expression, and restraint are central to my work; for instance, dyeing paper and canvas installs dynamic natural processes I follow by hand, along paths that flow between (the creative) subject and (created) object. The use of negative space is similarly central to these dichotomies of surrender and control, fantasy and memory, absence and speech. I’m especially interested in ways simple repetition, geometric patterns, and mathematical marking or mapping contain an inherent capacity to evoke represented subjects in the viewer. This vital balance – between representational and minimal composition, intention and intuition – allows me to be led by my art, and guides my practice today. Similarly, this mural offers the viewer an abstracted landscape, both whimsical and open to interpretation.

With the design for this mural, I intend to create an experience that echoes the feeling of walking through a vast and alternating landscape.  Large in scale and breadth, this hand-painted mural will be a panorama of changing colors and abstract, wondrous shapes.  Walking along the Paseo, the viewer can look up or down or along the wall to see the shifting lines of colors and hues.  The experience will differ depending upon one’s path and direction.  This mural will contain large, organic shapes made up of hundreds of lines and smaller solid shapes, balancing one another.  The striped shapes speak to the horizontal architectural nature of the Moscone Center itself.  Created by both horizontal and vertical lines, these towering shapes cause the eye to look both up and down as well from side to side.   The smaller solid shapes evoke birds, boats, sunrises, sunsets or anything else a viewer may see in their imagination.   

I intend to create a bold, uplifting mural that is active and alive.  Situated between the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Children’s Playground at Yerba Buena Gardens, I hope this mural speaks to the bright, colorful energy of unrestrained creativity and play, which is quintessential to San Francisco. 

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Opportunity For Public Comment

Arts Commission staff presented the qualifications of 28 artists selected from the 2017/2018 Prequalified Artist Pool to a Public Art Selection Panel. The panel consisted of an Arts Commissioner, one representative of the client agency, one community representative, and three arts professionals. The Panel reviewed and scored the artists on the short list and selected the three highest scoring artists to create proposals for the site: Brian Barneclo, Brendan Monroe, and Kelly Ording. The finalists then developed their proposals that are on display at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and on the Arts Commission website for public comment from August 7 to August 20, 2017. Comments will be summarized and shared with the Panel prior to the final selection. Please note that comments by interested members of the public do not constitute a vote.

The proposals presented in this exhibition are the finalists' preliminary concepts. The selected proposal will be further developed and refined to determine the fabrication technique, and meet all feasibility, maintenance, safety and other requirements, as needed. All final designs are subject to approval by the Arts Commission prior to implementation.

Please take a few minutes to review the proposals on display here and complete a comment form. You may also hand deliver/mail comments to 401 Van Ness Avenue, Room 325 by Monday, August 21, 2017, 5 p.m. The Final Selection Panel meeting will take place on Thursday, August 24, 10 AM. – 2 PM at 401 Van Ness Avenue, Room 302. All Artist Selection Panel meetings are open to the public. An agenda for the meeting will be posted 72-hour in advance of the meeting on Arts Commission’s website.

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