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REVIEW PANEL: Individual Artists Commission - Literary

We strongly encourage you or a representative to attend the review panel and take notes. We recommend coming early and staying for your entire review block to hear other application reviews. Feedback from review panels is often a valuable way to contribute to artistic development, grant writing skills, and understanding the review process.

Benefits of attending the review panels:

  • Get feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your application, including project design/narrative, project budget, work sample, etc.
  • Opportunity to have your work reviewed by 4-6 respected artists, administrators, and peers in the field
  • Receive feedback on grantsmanship
  • Get an overview of the applicant pool
  • Gain insights into broader trends and field issues
  • View preliminary panel rankings

The time frame in which your application will be reviewed is listed below. Scheduled times provided are estimated. We will try to keep as close to the schedule as possible but may run early or over time. At the panel, to avoid the perception of influencing deliberations inappropriately, you may not engage in conversation with the panelists.

10a - 10:45a   1   Alice Rogoff
  2   Anthony Robles
  3    Denise Sullivan 
  4    Heather Gibbons
11:00a – 11:45 5    Jacqueline Francis  
  6    Jeffrey Martin
  7    Josie Iselin
  8    Juliana Delgado Lopera
12:50p – 1:30p  9     Kevin Simmonds   
  10    Lyzette Wanzer 
  11   Ploy Pirapokin
  12    Sarah Jimenez
1:40p – 2:30p   13   Shizue Seigel   
  14    Socrates Parra
  15    Sona Avakian  
  16    Stuart Schuffman  
  17    Truong Tran
2:30p-3:20p   Collect Scores          
  Feedback Session
  Review Rankings

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