Public Art Project

Treasure Island Youth Photography Program

During the summer of 2022, the San Francisco Arts Commission partnered with Treasure Island Parents Council, Treasure Island YMCA and First Exposures instructors to offer a three week, five session photography program that provided youth with a basic overview of photography and how to look at their environment as if through a lens. The students were  taught how to operate a camera and the instructors guided the youth on walking tours around the areas of Treasure Island. The students in the program produced images from their point of view, allowing us a glimpse into their worlds.


First Exposures: 

First Exposures, a project of Tides Center, is a Bay Area photography mentorship program for youth ages 11-18 who have been impacted by socio-economic inequity. Serving 140 youth annually, First Exposures uses the power of art and creativity to cultivate courage, confidence, and wellbeing in young people. Over 60% of program participants show an increase in markers of resiliency for and over 95% of our youth graduate from high school to pursue a college education.  

First Exposures has been a pioneer in photography mentorship since 1993, nearly 30 years, and their programs enable their mentees to thrive, express themselves creatively, and foster leadership and community-building. 

Erik Auerbach, Executive Director: 
Aneeta Mitha, Public Programs & Digital Strategies Manager: 

Treasure Island YMCA: 

In 2013, the Treasure Island Community YMCA became the main provider for Health and Wellness and Youth Development for all families living on Treasure Island and have been growing and developing programs and opportunities for the community since, free of cost. Offering health and wellness class, nutrition tips and open gym space for the adult and teen population as well as providing several youth programs and opportunities during Out of School time such as after-school, weekend enrichment programs and summer camps. 

Believing that communities are a source of rich expertise and human capital, we also focus many efforts on community engaging by hosting family engagement opportunities and collaborating with other partners on located on Treasure Island to support the needs of the community. The Treasure Island Community YMCA believes that by investing in the future of individuals and their communities, providing platforms for those individuals to effect change in themselves, in the built and natural environments in which they live, and in our society. 

Shiante Lewis, Senior Director of Treasure Island YMCA: 

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Executive Committee Meeting

December 18
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

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Visual Arts Committee Meeting

December 16
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Civic Design Review Committee Meeting

December 11
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Community Investments Committee Meeting

December 09
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