Art can be uplifting to a community. Where Art Lives is a program that uses arts education to explore the issues of graffiti, vandalism, and public art with young people in San Francisco in partnership with educators in San Francisco public schools and after-school programs with a focus on making learning more relevant and meaningful for young people in the 6th grade.

Uphill Arts, the San Francisco Arts Commission, and San Francisco Public Works supports the creativity of youth in our city while making sure that everyone knows about the laws and rights of artists when it comes to public art and vandalism. Each Where Art Lives class flows differently depending on the needs and interests of everyone involved.

Class at Glide MemorialBelow are links to different art activities and workshops of the Where Art Lives curriculum. Each link has lessons that you can use on your own or in your classroom. Contact Todd Berman whereartlivessf@gmail.com for more details.

The Facts

Information about graffiti laws and artist rights in San Francisco. Painting without permission can be a crime that is punished, but if you have permission, you have rights and protections as an artist.

Street art photo scavenger hunt

Notice the art you see in the streets of your neighborhood and collect pictures of the art you would like to discuss with your classmates. Our slideshow will help you recognize some of the types of art you might see.

Practice your fills

Printable coloring pages and a slide show so you can collaborate with esteemed local artists about the core principles of Hip Hop culture.

How to draw Graffiti style lettering

Step-by-step instructions about how to draw a funky graffiti style letter.

Design your neighborhood

Use our printable worksheet and coloring pages to design a neighborhood on your own or with a group of classmates.

Scribble Your Feelings

A lesson about using art to access our emotions, and using our emotions to make meaningful art. This lesson requires no artistic skill. It can help you release your stress and trauma and then tell a story about your feelings.

Using your sketchbook

Videos and a slideshow about how artists use their sketchbooks.

Where Art lives video resources

Browse our library of videos about graffiti history, technique, and the role of graffiti in our neighborhoods.

More resources

A self-assessment rubric for students who use art to explore any topic, and links to lessons from other creators.

Community Art Challenge - a final project

Once you’ve developed your artistic style and skills as a graffiti artist, how will you use your art to uplift your community?

What's Coming Up

Public Meeting

Executive Committee Meeting

December 18
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Hybrid: 401 Van Ness | Rm 125 and Online
Public Meeting

Visual Arts Committee Meeting

December 16
2:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Hybrid: City Hall | Rm 408 and Online
Public Meeting

Community Investments Committee Meeting

December 09
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Hybrid: City Hall | Rm 416 and Online
Public Meeting

Full Arts Commission Meeting

May 06
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Hybrid: City Hall | Rm 416 and Online